WSU Tri-Cities

Digital Technology, Arts, and Culture Club

2008-2009 Officers

2008-2009 Club Officers

President: Jordan Massey

Vice-President: Erin Sheriff

Tresurer: Bonnie Wescott

Advertising Coordinator: Amy Schalla

Events Coordinator: Melanie Paulson



The Digital Technology, Arts, and Culture, or DTAC, Club is a student-run organization focused around digital technology, culture, and art. Digital technology combines theory and practice in the study of the latest communication technologies. This club is dedicated to thinking across a variety of media forms while simultaneously studying the cultural impact these media have on our global society. 


Members of DTAC creatively design, critique, and interact with new media while engaging the histories that contextualize these media.  Our focus is continually framed by the key issues surrounding the implementation of digital media, including studying issues of access, diversity, identity, multimodal content, and interactivity.


Students from all majors are encouraged and invited to join the DTAC Club. DTAC is a place for technophiles and artists to hang out and discuss the latest and greatest. Our workshops and events work on strengthening the keen analytical skills necessary for success in any field, but also the ability to compose digital content utilizing a variety of media. The club is designed to help students not only become better readers of digital media, but also become erudite in composing a wide array of digital works.




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